Top 5 Most Sought-after Sex Toys in Canada and What to Know About Them

Top 5 Most Sought-after Sex Toys in Canada and What to Know About Them

1 in 2 people you know have a sex toy lying somewhere in their closet. If you’ve been meaning to try a sex toy for the first time in your life but you’re scared of the judgment from those around you, don’t be. 

For one, they do not need to know. But if they did know, sex toys are more widely accepted in Canada right now. A cultural shift around intimate toys has been happening for some time, and North America has been at the forefront of it. 

A huge part of this shift has been due to feminism, LGBTQ+ activism, and the pandemic. So, you aren’t the only one who wants to give sex toys a try. If you don’t know where to start, check out the 5 most sought-after sex toys in Canada. 

The Rise of Sex Toys in Canada

When did the attitude towards sex toys change in Canada? Was it during the 2000s? Feminism and LGBTQ+ naturally made society push for sexual awareness, inclusivity, and body positivity. 

Or was it during the late 2010s, when sex tech companies started remarketing intimate toys as sexual health products? The simple change of phase removed much of the stigma, as society at large still thinks doing anything for pleasure’s sake is shameful. 

Was it the result of an internet built on sex

Some might attribute it to the Covid-19 pandemic. Turns out, when you are stuck at home with extreme stress about the future, sex toys look like one way to relieve stress. 

In fact, Canada is the fifth-largest seller of intimate toys globally. And here's why it will keep on growing: 

1. Large Selection Due to Online Toy Stores 

No matter how much we advance as a society, walking into an adult toy store is still embarrassing. You rarely feel comfortable enough to browse the shelves and grab something more risque than a dildo and lube. 

But online sex shops allow you to get deep into researching different toys. You get the time to make decisions. You also come across toys you will never find in a local shop. 

With their discreet packaging policies, absolutely no one’s going to know what you’ve ordered either. 

People feel free to explore their sexuality because no one knows they’re exploring it. 

2. Technology and Design

Sex toys have come a long way from wooden carved dildos made in 3000 BC

You can now customize vibration patterns, get a more personalize experience with AI, and even live out your sexual fantasies in another world with VR. App and remote-controlled sex toys are particularly popular among couples

It became undeniable how important these technological advancements were during the pandemic. About 1.5 million young adults had to move back in with their parents to save up on rent. Lots of people also had to go through the lockdown with their partners, roommates, or kids- who were suddenly always home. 

Preference for whisper-quiet sex toys drastically skyrocketed during the time, with Lovehoney seeing a 25% jump in sales for their quiet vibrators. 

But it’s not only about technological advancements. For people who might be into more raunchier stuff, offerings like the obedience chair exist.  

3. The Internet

In a heteronormative society, any deviance from the straight woman with straight man sex can be intimidating. It’s hard for any gender who want to explore beyond the norm. In fact, 50% of women agree sex toys are still seen as a taboo in society. 

This is even more challenging for cisgender straight men. They haven’t been taught how to explore their sexuality if it doesn’t involve a woman. 

Comparatively, queer people do feel more comfortable exploring their sexuality. In fact, a 2017 study found 52.3% of Canadians use sex toys. Of them, a huge number identified as queer or questioning. 

 But there’s also a large percentage of people who don’t feel safe admitting they are queer. And so, if they have a question about their body, or how to use a certain sex toy, they don’t know who they can ask the question to in their life. 

But with internet forums like Reddit, Quora, or the Bedbible, everyone can ask anonymous strangers questions. 

You could learn all you need to know about an intimate toy before you use it. Not to mention there are plenty of videos and blogs you could turn to. 

As long as the internet exists, people will have a place to find support. It gives them the courage to purchase the fetish swing they have been eyeing for a while. 

4. Gender Inclusive Design

At first, sex toys were centered around men. Then, to subvert this, companies started hyper-marketing to women. 

It took time. The pandemic played a definitive role in it. But sex toy companies have finally opted for gender-inclusive design. This doesn’t only appeal to people who don’t fit into the traditional gender binary rules. 

With gender-inclusive design, a cisgender man feels more comfortable trying that butt plug he has bee eyeing for a while. It removes some of the stigma of it being gay or any other stereotype even in his mind.  

How to Determine Where to Buy: Canada’s Best Sex Toy Stores

Sex toy shops in Canada are still unregulated. In general, the rules around safety around sex toys are lax. So, you want to buy from reputable stores like PinkCherry, Lovehoney, Adam & Eve, XOXTOYS, etc. 

By reputable, we don’t mean the most popular. But these stores should meet the following requirements: 

1. Customer Service 

Is the store happy to answer all your questions? If you are shopping online, do they have a chat function?

Also, do they have proper descriptions and photos for the toys? Is the contact information on the page available where you can easily find it?

More than anything, you want to check if they have reward or referral programs. How generous is the store in offering discounts? 

If you go to a brick-and-mortar shop, make sure to ask them lots of questions about the toy. A responsible shop will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the toys. 

2. Return Policy

Most intimate toy retailers have a strict return policy. These toys come in contact with your body parts. Your sweat and body fluid is all over it. So, of course, the store won’t accept a return. 

When you are looking for a sex toy store, you actually want one which is clear about how they don’t accept returns. If the toy store does accept returns, it’s more of a confirmation they are careless with your health. 

Accepting returns of sex toys and then sending them to another customer is the equivalent of deliberately spreading STIs. 

Some retailers in Canada give refunds even if they don’t accept returns. Of course, you will have to prove you received a damaged toy or there is some sort of manufacturing defect. 

Overall, you want to make sure the store refunds you if there is an issue with the toy. But you don’t want to for a retailer who accepts returns willy-nilly.  

3. Discreet Shipping

Different stores have different levels of shipping discretion. Some wrap your package in a way, people would mistake it for a health product. 

Almost all stores opt for unassuming packaging. They hide the logo, and the name of the store, and make sure there is no picture of the toy on the package.

But, sometimes, when the toy comes from third-party retailers like Amazon, the shipping policy may not be as discreet. So, you want to check if the retailer is clear on having discreet shipping or not. 

Final Thoughts

Sex toys are a safe way for people to explore their sexuality. Young adults can figure out what they like even if they don’t have a partner. And people with partners can find out what their hard limits are. You learn what your body enjoys as well as what appeals to your partner.

It’s also a good way to have proper discussions about consent. 

So, if you have been eyeing that vibrator for a while, go and buy it right now. The most sought-after sex toys in Canada can help you learn who you are and what are your sexual needs.
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