Fill even the biggest of mouths with our wide selection of gags. Ball gags are one of the most common, classic gags used in BDSM. They are a plastic or rubber ball, with two straps attached, one on each side, which buckle together behind the head. Some ball gags may have a third strap, that goes up, between the eyes, to buckle together with the other straps at the back of the head. It's important to make sure the ball gag is not too big, especially if it is to be worn for an extended period. Some ball gags are hollow, with perforated holes that allow the wearer to breathe (or drool) through the ball. These are a good choice for extra gag safety. Ring gags are similar to a ball gag, except they consist of a metal or plastic ring worn in the mouth, holding it open. These are even safer than a ball gag, as the mouth's airway is totally open.
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Mystery Box

Step out of your comfort zone with exclusively curated erotic items from XOXTOYS. Give yourself permission to try a bit of everything- something tame, something kinky, and something safe. A Mystery Box from XOXTOYS makes for an exciting birthday present or a fun couple’s challenge.