Exploring Male Pleasure: Categories of Toys

Anal toys

For years, male sex toys revolved around the penis. Something like the butt plug for straight men was blasphemy. But things have changed even in the last 5 years. 

With the internet’s willingness to discuss self-pleasure for men and online shops, more men dare to explore sex toys beyond the fleshlight. Heterosexual relationships have evolved, as women themselves buy sex toys for their partners.  

Let’s take a look at the different categories of male pleasure products you can enjoy for solo play and with a partner.  

1. Anal Toys

Anal toys have a lot of stigma attached to them. Straight men seem to have the impression if they use them, it will prove they are gay somehow. 

But your sexual orientation has nothing to do with whether you enjoy anal toys.

You are straight as long as you like a woman. It’s all there is to it. 

But by keeping this prejudice, you are missing out on prostate orgasm. Something both queer men and straight men who have experienced it claim feels otherworldly. 

For anal toys, there are mostly 4 types you can use:

    • Dildos: Dildos are usually shaped like a penis. Some are specifically shaped to hit the prostate gland in men. It’s a lot and dildos take time getting used to. If you are a beginner with sex toys, it’s not the first anal toy you want to use. It’s more suited to be your last level. Your partner can also use a strap-on dildo to have anal sex with you. 
    • Butt Plugs: Butt plugs are a step before anal sex. They can help you get relaxed and get used to the sensation of having something in your butt. But some people wear it because they like the feeling. It creates pressure on the prostate for men, making everything feel super intense. The male G-spot is also there. Always buy butt plugs with a flared base, because the alternative is one getting stuck in your butt. 
    • Anal Beads: Anal beads are essentially butt plugs which are inflated at regular intervals. They provide a slightly different sensation than your regular butt plugs. The beads start out small and get bigger in size the more you insert the toy. The gaps create this mix between relief and intensity you can get addicted to. Unlike butt plugs, the magic lies in pulling them out and inserting them back in. 
  • Prostate Massagers: Prostate massagers have the perfect shape to target the prostate gland. They are also vibrating, so you get these relaxed, but intense massage. It’s the perfect beginner’s toy for men who want to get into anal toys. 
  • 2. Penis Toys

    Almost all solo male pleasure toys have a primary job of stimulating your penis. If you are nervous about trying male adult toys, it’s probably best you start with a penis toy. 

    These kinds of toys only give you pleasure without any kind of discomfort involved. 

    The most common purchase for men when it comes to solo play is the masturbator. Sammi Cole from Lovehoney divides them into the following categories: 

  • Strokers: Strokers usually fit in the palm of your hand with a tunnel-like gap in the middle. Realistic strokers have an opening that looks like a mouth, vagina, or the anus. They also tend to be soft, and stretchy with a textured interior. You will find these toys with various levels of tightness. Some are automatic or battery-powered, so you don’t have to use your hands. Some have specific functions like suction, rotation, and automatic thrusting, so you are doing as little work as possible. Some also blow gentle air onto your penis to stimulate the sensitive head. 
  • Fleshlight: Sometimes, a brand name becomes the name of the product. Fleshlight is one such stroker brand. They are large for strokers, with a lid on top. When you pop off the lid, the strokers look exactly like a flashlight, which is the reason for the name. Fleshlights cost more than regular strokers and they are also bigger in length. If you are looking for a particular realistic experience, you can even find Fleshlight molded from the genitals of famous porn stars. 
    • Eggs: Much like Fleshlight, the egg-style strokers are mostly synonymous with the Tenga Eggs. The basic premise is this. You get the strokers in the shape of an egg which you have to peel. Once you open the wrapping, you will get the actual egg inside. The egg will have an opening in the middle. It’s meant to wrap around your penis. These are stretchable materials, so they mold to the shape of your penis. 

    The other two popular penis toys are cock rings and sleeves. 

    C-rings can be a solo toy or one you use with your partner. It’s a ring essentially, which you can fit around your shaft. It restricts the blood flow around the area, leading you to keep your erection for longer. 

    Some C-rings come with a vibrator. So, they stimulate your penis and your partner when their genitalia comes in contact with your penis. 

    A penis sleeve or a penis extender is something you slip over your penis. It adds length and girth to your penis. It’s a couple’s toy. Some have a vibrating bullet or a curved tip, which are both useful in stimulating your partner. 

    3. Vibrating and Interactive Toys

    Vibrating toys are your C-rings, strokers, eggs, sleeves, butt plugs, or what have you. It’s any sex toy with a motor attached. 

    Vibrating toys are specifically good for men with erectile dysfunction. It stimulates nerve endings and increases blood flow. It essentially helps you get erect and yet, extend your orgasm for a longer period of time. 

    Advanced vibrators also come with Bluetooth connectivity and a remote app. Those are brilliant if you are in a long-distance relationship. Your partner can determine the modes of vibration, when to turn it off and on, and so on. 

    Then, there are the creative interactive toys like the chastity belt. The advanced ones allow your partner to control when to tighten the belt, when it comes off, and when it stays on. 

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