The Secret Behind the Screen: How Buying Sex Toys Online Offers More Than Privacy

The Secret Behind the Screen: How Buying Sex Toys Online Offers More Than Privacy

Do you know what’s more embarrassing than being inside an adult toy store? Going inside the toy store, knowing full well everyone on the street can see you walk inside. 

Don’t feel ashamed about exploring your sexuality. And you should have your head held up high when you walk into a local sex shop. 

Or so you know in theory. 

But it doesn’t make it any less embarrassing. Not when you are constantly aware of everyone in your surroundings guessing what you are going to do with your purchase today. 

One way to avoid this cringe situation is to buy from an online sex shop. You don’t have to be hyper-aware of who’s caught on to your late-night activities when you’re at home. 

Here are the key benefits you can get from shopping online for sex toys: 

3 Benefits of Shopping for Sex Toys Online

1. Privacy and Discreet Shipping Policies

Buying from an online sex shop has more benefits than privacy. But privacy is a big factor. 

You can browse as much as you want. No one’s going to care if you are looking at vibrators in your free time. No one’s going to know. 

You can take your time to research various sex toys. 

If you browse enough, you will come across adult toys you have never heard of, but they’re exactly what you want. 

More than anything, adult toy stores have some serious privacy and discreet shipping policies. 

Even the most open-minded person on earth wouldn’t be comfortable with receiving a package with the label, Je Joue Mimi Soft Silicone Vibrator

And online shops understand this. 

Now, different stores have different policies, so you should check their discretion policy separately. But they all make sure the packages do not have an obvious label. Even your delivery person would not know what they are delivering to you. 

Some stores go the extra mile. They might pretend to be a health product store online and reflect that on the package. 

Now, if you want to go the extra mile with privacy measures, you can even set up a PO Box nearby and receive your package from the store.

No need to explain to your roommate why the parcel you received doesn’t have a company name in bold. 

2. Wide Selection 

If you are willing to bear the shipping cost, you can get sex toys from anywhere in the world. 

You could sit in Canada and buy sex toys from Mexico, France, or China. 

For example, you can find XOXTOYS, Adam & Eve, Lelo, and NS Novelties products all in the XOXTOYS store. 

When you go to a local shop, your options are much more limited. A lot of adult toy stores stick to beginner sex toys. If you are into BDSM, your local store might not have the items you are looking for. 

Even the biggest in-person adult shop can only store about 1000 to 3000 items at most. In comparison, an online store can keep over 15,000 toys in stock. 

At this point, you might even feel overwhelmed with so many choices. Well, the search function exists for this reason. Use it to narrow down your item by features, popularity, price, and discounts. 

3. No Pressure to Buy

In-person adult toy stores always have an eager salesman waiting at the end of the aisle. You look at a sex toy for too long, you feel you have to buy it right then and there. 

Meanwhile, if you add a toy to your shopping cart online and later decide you don’t want it, no one’s around to judge you. You don’t have to buy the toy if you don’t want it. 

Sometimes, the sales clerk also has unwanted opinions on which toys would suit you. While they mean to be helpful, there can be a tone of judgment on your choices. 

They also tend to come at you with an agenda. 

Maybe they have a sex toy for sale on the shelf for too long. If it’s your first time and if you’re timid with your browsing, you are bound to become the target they want to sell the toy to. 

And it’s not only the clerk. Other people in the store have too much interest in what you are buying. It’s hard to decide with a clear head when a stranger is trying to peek at the item in your hand over your shoulder. 

4. Checking Reviews

When you go to a physical shop for sex toys in Canada, you only have the salesperson to show you the selections. There’s no way to know if the toy is liked by its users. 

Now, you could go off to the side and check the reviews for a specific manufacturer, but it won’t tell you anything about the shop itself. In fact, you might have to look up reviews for the shop online too. 

When you shop online, you can take your time looking up reviews for the shop and the toys listed in the store. 

In some cases, you could contact the reviewer and get more details on the toy, which can be more reliable than any description. 

The Power of Community and Online Reviews

If this is your first time buying a sex toy, you probably don’t know who to ask for advice. 

Do you ask your friends? Is this something appropriate to bring up with them? Well, it depends on how comfortable you are with them. 

If you are queer, you might feel particularly unsafe about bringing up anything related to sex and sex toys with anyone you know. You could be in the process of exploring your sexuality or the information could be something you want to keep private. 

On the other hand, if you are a cis het straight man and you want to try out sex toys not associated with straight men, you could be hesitant about consulting someone in real life. 

Good thing there are plenty of reviewers online. People are happy to share their experiences with sex toys via blogs, forums, podcasts, and YouTube videos. 

Here are some to get you started:

1. Reddit

There are few popular websites where you can be as unfiltered as Reddit. We could even say Reddit is one of the reasons the internet is far more casual about sex than it used to be. 

You can join a subreddit like r/SexToys where they have over 260,000 members or a smaller community like r/sextoy with 13k members. There are also subreddits for specific sex toys like r/buttplug and r/dildo

2. Bedbible

Bedbible is an online community where people can submit reviews of sex toys. You will find reviews for sex toys in every category, like floggers or ball gags.

Once someone publishes a review, both Bedbible and users can rate it. This lets you know the legitimacy and validity of the review. 

You can also submit your own reviews. 

3. Sex With Dr. Jess

Sex With Dr. Jess is a podcast hosted by sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly. She has also made multiple television appearances over the years. Her podcast covers topics from how to introduce sex toys to your partner to tips on how to have multiple orgasms. 

Her podcast has a wide appeal among couples and single people. Since her advice comes from a mix of experience and science, it’s a good place to start. You know she is credible. 

4. Two Dykes And A Mic

If you are just figuring out your sexuality, it’s no wonder you’re figuring out how to buy sex toys online. 

‘Podcasts like Two Dykes And A Mic could be a good source of support, with a community built around queer relationships, dating advice, dating horror stories, and laughter. 

5. Alice Little

Alice Little has a YouTube channel where she reviews sex toys. She also shares her experience with different kinks and fetishes using those toys. 

She’s also got unboxing videos and sex advice in general. Considering she is a sex worker, an advocate for sex workers, and an intimacy coach,  she might be uniquely suited to review sex toys. 

Once you start getting deeper into these communities, you will find more forums and podcasts you will like. You will also make anonymous friends whose faces you might never know, but you can trust their advice on how to insert a dildo. 

Final Thoughts

If we round it up, adult sex toy stores in Canada will offer you more privacy, free shipping, and products at a cheaper price. The only downside of shopping online is you can’t see the sex toy till it arrives in person. 

But the truth is, even if you can touch the sex toy in the store, you can’t exactly try it out. And if you can’t give it a trial, does it matter if you buy online or offline?

If you feel nervous about going to a local store or you don’t have the time to go to one, go for online shopping without a doubt. 

If you are confused about where to start your shopping journey, you can try XOXTOYS.
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