You Need Glass Dildos In Your Life: Here’s Why

You Need Glass Dildos In Your Life: Here’s Why

Glass dildos were the undergods of dildos for a while. The thought of inserting glass into their body terrifies them. There is the fear it will break. 

But glass is one of the most durable materials on earth, as long as you are not using cheap glass. Pyrex glass used specifically for adult toys is unbreakable in most circumstances.

Combine this with the smooth, but unbending surface of the glass and how receptive it is to change in temperature, glass dildos have become a sensation in the dildo market. 

5 Benefits of Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are some of the most aesthetically pleasing adult toys with unique benefits. It’s nothing like using silicone or hard plastic dildos. 

1. Superior Material and Durability

There’s a saying glass dildos can outlive husbands. Glass adult toys are commonly made with borosilicate glass. It’s the same material you find in your kitchenware or used in the laboratory. 

It’s why your plates don’t seem to break no matter how many times you drop them, although it does happen now and then. 

Glass doesn’t deteriorate over time due to exposure to air, water, or bacteria either. But it might crack from extreme weather conditions. Even then, the glass has to go through regular exposure to massive heat or cold to start cracking. 

Not something which happens to your everyday glass dildo. Of course, the durability of glass means they cost over $50 on a good day. 

2. Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Glass is a nonporous substance and is considered one of the safest adult toy materials. Body fluids or lube do not stick to glass. So, even running your glass dildo under the water would clean it. 

Of course, you should add dish soap for good measures to actually get any sticky substance out. You can even shove your glass dildo in the dishwasher and use the sanitize cycle to clean it up hands-free. 

3. Suitable for Temperature Play

Some people love extreme sensations. It feels good to play with a dildo which is the right kind of warm or cool. 

Glass dildos like the Pipedream Products Icicles No. 29 are even constructed specifically as massagers. 

With glass dildos, the toy doesn’t need to have a separate heating mechanism to warm it up. You don’t need to use warm oil to get the dildo ready either. But it does help create a sticky contrast to the unusually smooth surface of the glass. 

You can place your glass dildo into the freezer or drop it in a pot of warm water. It doesn’t take long for glass to adapt to changes in temperature, so take it out once in a couple of minutes. 

Before you try temperature play, touch the end of the dildo to your arm or other less sensitive body parts. You will avoid inserting something hotter or colder than you can tolerate this way. 

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Unless you are really into realistic dildos, this particular adult toy isn’t always visually appealing. Since dildos are made to resemble phallus objects, they are pretty obvious in their use as well. 

Glass dildos notch up the appeal of dildos significantly. Since it’s transparent, some enjoy the clear view of watching it go inside and outside of their body. 

Other glass dildos have a bit of pink, black, or blue tint to them. Some even have decorative beads and a glossy finish. It’s the kind of item you feel good about having in your collection when you see them stacked up.  

For example, Pipedream Products Icicles No. 87 is black in color. But it’s got a premium look other dildos don’t always emit with the same color. 

5. Best for Shower Use

Water lube doesn’t work well in the shower. Water washes away natural lube and even the natural fluids your body produces. 

You will find water lube dries out quickly before you can get around to fully inserting the dildo in the shower. 

The next best option is silicone lube. It’s slippery but still easy to clean afterward. Unfortunately, the majority of adult toys are made with silicone. 

It’s not a good idea to mix silicone dildo with silicone lube. The chemicals will react strongly to each other and break down the dildo. 

So, a glass dildo is the correct option for the shower. You can smear as much silicone lube as you need. 

Choosing the Right Glass Dildo: 3 Things to Remember

1. Size of The Glass Dildo

Glass dildos, like all dildos, are available in all sizes. You can find dildos ranging from 5 inches to 12 inches. 

But, it is likely you will find smaller or medium-length dildos more than larger ones. The smooth but somewhat rough exterior of glass means trying large glass dildos can be scary. 

You don’t know how much of it you will be able to take. The people who end up opting for larger-sized glass dildos tend to have experience using large dildos in general. 

Start with a medium-length glass dildo and work your way up. If you are unsure where to start, how about the NS Novelties Renegade Glass Clear Rook

2. Shape of The Glass Dildo

During the construction stage, glass is one of the most malleable items you can use for adult toys. Manufacturers can play around with color, size, and design. 

You might think you will only find hard, straight dildos. But, you can easily find ones which bend a little at the tip. Enough so you can use the tip to target your G-spot or P-spot. 

Satisfyer Double Crystal Glass Dildo is double-ended. It can work on your clitoris, for anal stimulation, or can be a full-body massager. 

Some glass dildos have shapes beyond your imagination. But the moment you take a look at it once, you know you want to try it. Like the Creature Cocks Enchantress Rainbow Glass Dildo is shaped like a horn, with a pretty clean unicorn theme from the color. 

3. Textured vs. Smooth Options

Even without temperature play, you might enjoy a glass dildo because of the ultra-smooth surface. It’s unbendable, which is something some particularly enjoy. There is less friction while inserting it. 

But, if you enjoy the look of glass, but want to feel prickly sensations while taking the dildo in, textured glass dildos exist as well.

For example, Pipedream Products Icicles No. 7 has textures strategically placed throughout the dildo. It’s even microwavable, which isn’t usually recommended for glass dildos. 

Using Glass Dildos for Pleasure

A huge draw of a glass dildo comes from its temperature sensitivity. The cold or hot touch of the glass dildo moving inside you can introduce you to a whole new world of sensations. It can intensify the slightest movements, especially if the dildo is hitting your G-spot or P-spot. 

Get it hot or cold and then, run it on your arms. It will get you used to the sensation. 

Once you lube it up, it’s smart to insert the tip and get used to the temperature first. Take the time to discover the sensations you experience and if you like it.

If you have a partner, you can also try going blindfolded into it. Let your partner decide how hot or cold the dildo would be and let them surprise you. 

For the lube, we recommend going with silicone. While glass is compatible with all lube material, the thick texture of the silicone is particularly useful if you plan on using it on your backdoor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy high-quality, safe glass dildos?

Look for high-quality, safe glass dildos in reputable adult stores. You should go to the ones known for their discreet shipping policy. 

For example, XOXTOYS makes sure there is no shipping label on the delivery box and even the company name is masked on your credit card statement. 

2. Can glass dildos cause allergic reactions?

No, glass can not cause allergic reactions. Even if you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergic reactions, it’s unlikely glass would trigger it. 

3. Can a glass dildo break during use?

Uncommon as it is, glass dildos can get chips while using, but they never break. Even fractures on a glass dildo are extremely rare.

The type of glass used for adult toys is borosilicate, which can tolerate extreme hot or cold temperatures. The only way you can break the glass is somehow if you heat it up to 515 °F and even then, it will be a mild fracture. 

4. Is a glass dildo suitable for both vaginal and anal use?

Glass dildo can be used for both vaginal and anal insertion. However, you should be extra generous with the lube if you plan on inserting the glass dildo into your anus. 

Unlike silicone, glass is hard. It doesn’t mold to the shape of your body. Your anal passage doesn’t produce body fluids either. It might be smart to use silicone or hybrid lube with a glass dildo as well. You want the lube to be slippery and last long if you insert the dildo anally. 

5. Can I use a glass dildo with a condom?

Yes, glass dildos are compatible with condoms. While you don’t need to necessarily use a condom with a glass dildo since glass isn’t porous. You can desensitize glass material with ease. 

But if you want to use a condom as an extra safety precaution to avoid STIs, then you can go ahead. Condoms don’t damage glass in any way. 

Final Thoughts

Glass dildos are high on the safety list due to the material. While you might be scared of glass material, it’s one of the few options where you don’t have to worry about splinters. 

Cleaning and sanitizing your adult toy is also easier when it’s made of glass. Combine this with aesthetic appearance and temperature play options, you shouldn’t wait long to upgrade to a glass dildo

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