Safety Before Pleasure: Knowing When to Replace Your Sex Toys

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Sex toys can be expensive. When you spend $200 on a vibrator, the idea of replacing it can make your skin crawl.

But knowing when to replace your toys is as important as cleaning them. Once it reaches its end of life, trying to fruitlessly clean it will only expose you to more germs. 

One day a bit of fluid seeps through the crack in your glass anal bead. Next, you have HIV/AIDS. 

So, here are some of the times you should replace your sex toy:

1. When You Get a New Partner

44% of silicone toys and 56% of TPE toys still have traces of HPV even after you clean them. 

Even if you are diligent about cleaning your toys, it’s a good idea to replace your toys if you get a new partner. You limit the chance of your old partner transferring bacteria to your new partner in any way. 

2. If It’s Worn Out

If it looks worn out, it is. If there’s even slight discoloration, a little tear, or a distortion to its shape, you should be throwing it away. 

If there is even a hint of a crack or cut in the material, bacteria could make their home there. Getting bacterial vaginosis or a UTI becomes a real possibility. 

Cracks in the toy can also expose the underlying battery casing and electrical wiring of the toy. 

Additionally, you should replace the toy if the motor is losing its power. Is the toy dying too fast even after hours of charging? Is the vibrator struck in one mode? Then the toy is likely at the end of its life. 

Even changing the batteries won’t revive it. 

When you neglect to change the toy once the motor starts deteriorating, you risk fried electrical wires and damaged battery compartments.

There’s a high chance of getting hurt when you use a toy with damaged electrical parts. 

Another instance is when you are using a butt plug or an anal bead with a flared base. The flare exists to prevent the toy from disappearing into your anus. If the base breaks, throw away the toy immediately.

Now, toys like realistic dildos usually have a soft covering with a harder material inside.

If the hard part breaks, you should discard the toy. A broken rigid center will be sharp and it will tear through the soft covering and the inner walls of your body. It can cause serious injuries. 

3. You’re Getting Yeast Infections

75% of the population with a vagina got a yeast infection at one time or another. You don’t have to be sexually active to get yeast infections. 

Because of how common yeast infection is, you might ignore it at first. But if it’s too frequent, the culprit is likely your sex toys, bedsheet, vulva wash, or any other item coming in contact with your vagina. 

You need to not only replace your sex toys but also all items you use for your sensitive area. As well go for a doctor’s checkup so you can get some oral medicine to stop the spread of the infection. 

LILLY, a famous sex toy critic, also recommends replacing insertable porous sex toys after 6 months. In general, you should not buy insertable porous toys because cleaning them is pretty risky.
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