Nipple Toys: How to Use and Enjoy Them

Nipple Toys: How to Use and Enjoy Them

Nipples are one of the most sensitive areas in your body. It's a certified erogenous zone, no matter the gender. When it comes to foreplay, it’s not unusual for lovers to focus on the nipples. 

Your nipples react to changes in temperature, the slightest brush of clothes, small touch, rubbing, or sucking. Stimulating nipples bring you closer to orgasm and there are multiple ways to do it. 

No wonder the range of nipple sex toys is super wide. You get your choice of nipple clamps, titillators, suckers, and even nipple-specific vibrators. Let’s take a look at nipple toys and how you can enjoy them. 

Types of Nipple Toys and Selecting The Right Nipple Toy For You

Nipple toys can be some of the most confusing sex toys to shop for. They are a little more complicated in use. You have to be clear about the exact sensation you want to achieve before you buy one. 

1. Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are the most popular type of nipple toys. It’s consistently used in BDSM power play scenarios, but it doesn’t mean you can’t introduce it to other scenes. 

Look at the Calexotics Crystal Chain Nipple Clamps. It’s almost like jewelry. The clamps are attached to a long crystal chain. 

Visually, it has the same appeal as lingerie. 

The clamps themselves change the direction of the blood flow in your nipples. It essentially cuts the blood flow off to some level. 

To you, it will feel like pinching mixed with pressure and a bit of pain. You can tug the clamps to experiment with the pressure or have someone suck and kiss your nipples to add to the sensation. 

Another option is to keep them clamped while you go on with other parts of foreplay. Every other stimulation will be intense because your nipples are getting constant stimulation throughout. 

The best part of nipple clamps might be when you remove them. All the blood comes rushing back, so you get this heady sensation. It’s an interesting mix of pain, pleasure, and buzz. 

Even better if you can match the timing with an orgasm. Remember, you can remove the clamp anytime you like. Whether because it gets too much or you want to switch between pain and pleasure throughout the session. 

The chain-like clamps aren’t the only ones available in the market either. You can go for extra discreet and travel-friendly ones like the Crossbar Nipple Vices.

2. Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers are more intense but lighter on the pinching sensation. They make your nipples extremely sensitive. 

There are two types of nipple suckers:

  • Bulb style
  • Vacuum style.

Bulb-style suckers engulf your nipples. You press them onto your nipples and give them a good squeeze to seal them on. The more you twist it, the more blood rushes to the area. 

If the fit doesn’t feel good, you can try easing it in with a bit of lube around the opening of the toy. To pop off something like the Fetish Fantasy Super Sucker Trio, just lift the toy with a slight tug. 

Vacuum-style suckers have two main parts- a cylinder and a cap. The cylinder is enclosed in a small capsule. Your nipple goes into the capsule. You twist the cap at the other end, which removes all air from the cylinder, creating a sucking vacuum. 

For example, the Calexotics Nipple Play Vacuum Twist Suckers allows you to control the exact pressure. You can turn the cap slowly and let your body adjust to the new sensation. If it’s your first time with nipple play, suckers might be the best option. 

Unlike nipple clamps, where you don’t have to worry about the size, you should take the height and dimension into condition while selecting your nipple suckers. Since the suckers go over your nipples, selecting fitting ones would be better even if you can adjust them to increase the pressure. 

3. Nipple Vibrators

Now, you don’t need to use a special type of vibrator on your nipples. You could use a bullet vibrator or a clitoris vibrator and it would serve the same purpose. 

Similarly, nipple vibrators can be used for general stimulation or on your clitoris. 

But nipple vibrators do have particular advantages in erotic play. For one, they’re small, making them highly useful to carry around. They cost less than regular vibrators since the motor is smaller and less powerful.

Your nipples don’t need multiple speed settings to become extra sensitive. The buzzy vibrations can easily get the blood flowing. But you can easily find waterproof, 10-speed nipple vibrators like the Satisfyer Endless Joy Multi Vibrator if you need one. 

The vibrations are targeted. Nipple vibrators hold on to the exact area in your nipples you want them to. It doesn’t take long for the sensation to get intense. 

There are some super innovative vibrators like the Blush Aria Purple Flutter Tongue. The tongue vibrates as well as moves up and down. The sensation is close to what you would feel if someone used their tongue on your nipples, but they had the superpower to vibrate. 

There are nipple vibrators which feel like a mix of suckers and vibrators. Like the Blush Temptasia Titillator clamps onto your breasts. You can twist the knob to adjust the pressure. Meanwhile, you can also get a sweet massage, and choose the speed and rotating pattern. 

So, your breasts get sucked and massaged at the same time. 

Why Engage in Nipple Stimulation?

Nipple play might not be the main event, but it is high on the foreplay list. 82% of men and 52% of men feel their arousal intensifying when their nipples are played with. 

But, a good 7 to 8% noted they experienced the opposite. So, it’s always safe to ask your partner if they are into nipple play. Or you can experiment together with your hands and adult toys to see if they like a particular kind of nipple stimulation. 

Nipple play is particularly a safe choice if you are with a new partner and are unfamiliar with their sexual history. Despite being an erogenous zone, nipples are not moist or connected to the inside of your body. 

You can’t insert things into your nipple. All adult toys can only externally stimulate them. 

You don’t have to worry about contracting STIs or having bacterial infections because fluids have made a home there. Even having someone suck your nipples with their mouth isn’t dangerous, because the spit will dry quickly enough. 

Even if your nipples have a cut or it’s sore due to allergies, the potential of catching STIs is still low. 

Safety aside, your nipples have hundreds of nerve endings. You feel every touch all the more on your nipples. Plus, when you stimulate your nipples, it sends off signals to the same part of your brain stimulating your clitoris, vagina, or penis. 

Nipple toys are even more popular among people who practice BDSM. The toys aren’t gendered, so everyone finds some way they can play with them. 

Try pulling, sucking, or asking your partner to use their tongue on your nipples before you buy your first toy though. The toys enhance regular play, so if you don’t like your breast touched, you might not enjoy the toys either. 

Tips for Safe and Pleasurable Use of Nipple Toys

As fun as nipple toys are, remember they are used on your chest. Most of the fun comes from cutting off blood circulation or having the blood rush back in. Both sensations can get to your head. 

There are certain safety guidelines you should maintain while using them. You can’t get STI, but you can lose sensation for a while.

This is especially applicable to nipple clamps. 

Stimulate your nipples with your hands or mouth first to get them erect. Place the clamps close to your areola and slowly let go. You want to feel the pressure gently. Suddenly releasing it will create a sharp tug of pain.

Don’t wear nipple clamps for longer than 10 minutes either. Unlike nipple vibrators and suckers, clamps cut off blood flow. Leave it on for too long and you are setting yourself up to faint or nerve damage. 

If you get used to the clamp and think you can tolerate the loss of blood flow longer than 10 minutes, you can increase your time. 

Keep checking the color of your nipples. If it’s turning purple, it’s time to get the clamp off immediately.  

Final Thoughts

Nipple toys feel like something you should be using at the start of your experiment with sex toys. But, they are actually better left for when you get used to adult toys. 

They are heady and more intense in sensation. They tend to be pleasure and pain-focused. It’s no wonder they are popular among BDSM users. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t use them outside of BDSM scenarios. If you enjoy nipple stimulation, you should give them a go at least once.

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