Oxballs Unit-X Stretch Ball-Stretching Cocksling

Color: Black
Sale price$33.99 CAD

Oxballs Unit-X Stretch Ball-Stretching Cocksling is a sleek, sporty sling modeled after the Unit-X and made from our signature FLEXtpr. The extended base pushes your balls down and away from your body and the inner chamber has a ring designed to keep your sack snug in place. The ergonomic shape and super-soft material grip your junk and meld to you like a rubbery second skin. X-Stretch also doubles as a bulge-enhancer for filling out a jockstrap or your favorite tight gear.

  • Super -soft, stretchy FlexTPR
  • Unique design grip cock and balls
  • Snug in place
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Bulge-enhancing design
  • Non-toxic, phthalate free

This fucker works the same way but it's slimmer and fits better with no extra bulk. Nothing feels like a “sling” on your dick—it feels just like when you grip the base of your meat and balls with your hand and squeeze…X-STRETCH grips all of your junk and even stretches your sack too! There’s an inner ring near the bottom that keeps your balls (even high and tight ones), pushed down…it's squishy enough it’ll fit even huge ball-sacks. If you're the kinda guy who is into full on junk-fuckin', Unit-X is perfect for slippin' your whole package (balls and all) up a sloppy fuckhole. Made from our exclusive FLEXtpr blend, it's non-toxic, phthalate free, and no scent…our blend feels like silicone but stretches even further.

Available in Black or Clear

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Great quality product! Highly recommend.

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