Lelo Enigma Dual Stimulation Sonic Massager

Colour: Deep Rose
Sale price$269.99 CAD

Lelo Enigma Dual Stimulation Sonic Massager is a luxurious clitoral stimulator unlike anything you have seen before. The Lelo Enigma is a dual action sonic massager designed for both internal and external clitoral stimulation while simultaneously titillating the G-spot. Utilizing Lelo sonic wave technology on the exterior of the clitoris paired with the gentle pulses from the vibrating arm within your body, Lelo ENIGMA™ flutters in all the right places to deliver both clitoral and G-spot orgasms,

  • Sonic wave technology
  • Ergonomic external stimulator
  • Extra-soft silicone
  • Fully rechargeable
  • Waterproof Vibrator
  • Easy to clean


How to use the Lelo Enigma?

1) Apply Lelo Personal Moisturizer to the Vibrating arm as well as the Clitoral Stimulator to increase sensation for the best experience. 

2) Carefully position the Vibrating arm in place without going to deep, and adjust the clitoral stimulator in place also. 

3) Power on the Lelo Enigma by pressing the + button. Start at the lowest setting and gradually increase the speed as you relax and let the pleasure patterns sweep you away.

Available in Black or Deep Rose

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hanna Evans
It works

It was awkward at first until I learned how to use the product. I had never had a dual stimulator like this one and it was overwhelming the first. It is different now. After a few sessions I know how to set up the toy to give me long and incredible pleasure. Flexible and really nice. Great companion. The wave thing is really interesting because it is not the usual vibration thing. The feeling is rather different. Nice change.

Lauren Ranieri
My brand new best friend

We met a few days ago and we are already best friends. That is Enigma: beautiful, poweful, stylish. Dual stimulation with this toy is simply wonderful. It is no rocket science to use it and it does not take long to recharge it (and then it can last a few good sessions). It looks like a sci-fi gadget. Its benefits certainly remind me of that genre.

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