Drywell Ultra Thin Hyaluronic Acid Condoms 0.03mm

Sale price$2.99 CAD

Drywell Ultra Thin Hyaluronic Acid Condoms 0.03mm are a new take on the classic condom. We made them from natural latex in Malaysia. The elasticity and diathermancy is better and it's thinner. Designed with Hyaluronic Acid these condoms will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple like it came from a dick spa.

Drywell Ultra Thin Condoms Features

  • Give you that naked bareback feeling.
  • High elasticity and stretch
  • Moisturizing and not greasy
  • Weak Hyaluronic acid
  • No spermicide
  • 800mg Lubricants added
  • 3 Pieces/pack

Most ultra-thin condoms in the market are made from polyurethane, whose elasticity is bad and easy to tear. And you will feel uncomfortable like wearing plastic. These condoms are made from natural latex. Feel the difference!

Customer Reviews

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The best!

Decided to try these as we’d never heard of them before… Turned out to be the thinnest and least noticeable condoms ever, more so than kimono and other super thin brands! $2.99 for a 3 pack is also inexpensive compared to similar products. I wish these came in larger quantities! Will definitely buy again!

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