Welcome to the Sliquid collection at XOXTOYS, your premier destination for high-quality, body-safe lubricants.

Sliquid is a renowned brand in the intimate wellness industry, dedicated to creating natural, vegan-friendly lubricants free from harsh chemicals. Their commitment to safety and health, combined with their focus on sexual pleasure, has made them a favorite among discerning customers worldwide.

Explore our diverse range of Sliquid products, from the silky Sliquid H2O water-based lubricant to the long-lasting Sliquid Silver silicone lubricant. All Sliquid products are pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, and free of parabens and glycerin, providing safe, comfortable, and thrilling experiences.

Whether you're seeking to enhance intimacy, comfort, or play, Sliquid offers an array of options. Experience the organic, aloe-infused Sliquid Organics line, or add a sweet twist to your play with the flavored Sliquid Swirl lubricants.

Step into the world of Sliquid at XOXTOYS. Prioritize your health, enhance your pleasure, and explore your desires with natural, body-safe lubricants that complement and elevate your intimate experiences.

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