Welcome to the We-Vibe collection at XOXTOYS, where technology meets pleasure to enhance your shared intimate moments.

We-Vibe is a globally recognized brand, known for their innovative couples' sex toys that bring lovers closer, no matter the distance. Their pioneering technology, including the We-Connect app, allows partners to control the toys from anywhere, offering a unique interactive experience.

Explore our curated selection of We-Vibe products, from the popular We-Vibe Chorus to the compact We-Vibe Unite. Each We-Vibe toy is designed to intensify shared pleasure, featuring body-safe materials, adjustable settings, and synchronized vibrations.

Whether you're together in the same room or maintaining a long-distance relationship, We-Vibe offers an array of toys to keep the connection alive. Experience the simultaneous pleasure, the powerful vibrations, and the customizable control of We-Vibe's app-enabled devices.

Step into the world of We-Vibe at XOXTOYS. Enhance your shared experiences, intensify your pleasure, and maintain your intimate connection with cutting-edge, high-quality couples sex toys.

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Step out of your comfort zone with exclusively curated erotic items from XOXTOYS. Give yourself permission to try a bit of everything- something tame, something kinky, and something safe. A Mystery Box from XOXTOYS makes for an exciting birthday present or a fun couple’s challenge.