Tenga Flip Orb Strong Orange Crash

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The Tenga Flip Orb Strong Orange Crash is a one of a kind dual density masturbator, embedded stronger orbs collide and stimulate your cock from within firm, edgy internal stimulation inner texture! The black edition is here to provide even more explosive tighter sensations, with strong orbs encased in firm sleeve material, feel them as they tease and massage the most sensitive parts of your length. Enjoy and discover a new kind of thrill that soft material alone can’t match. Push through firm, ribbed waves and alternating strong orbs for powerful, surging sensations!

Tenga Flip Orb Features

  • Ribbed pleasure waves
  • Powerful, surging sensation
  • Soft, sleeve material
  • Easy to hold hour glass shape

The Flip orb houses a soft and supple elastomer sleeve with firm orbs encased in the soft sleeve material, creating multi-layered stimulation for a completely new sensation! The Flip orb strong uses harder orbs to give even more powerful enjoyment. The FLIP ORB’s unique hourglass shape, the first of its kind, received exceptionally high marks from 98% of test users making is easier to handle for longer durations. This shape makes the product easy to hold, and provides a sensational squeeze mid-way through!

Measurement: Size (D × W × H inches) 2.80 × 3.39 × 7.01, Insertion Length (inches) 5.51, Insertion Width (inches) 1.38, Weight (lbs) 0.88 This toy is not recommended for thicker endowment, we suggest the white model in that case.

Materials: ABS / PC / Elastomer

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Mind blowing

This is tighter than my wife, it’s so fucking good i fuck this everyday and it makes me cum every time

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