Sportsheets Learn the Ropes Kit

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Sportsheets Learn the Ropes Kit - Ready to be all tied up with nowhere to go? Enjoy your intro to BDSM and sensory play with the Learn the Ropes sensory bondage kit. Make your fantasy a reality with all the tools you’ll need at your disposal. BDSM and sensory play can be a lot of fun with the right tools. The Sportsheets Learn the Ropes Kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a reversible blindfold, rope, finger flogger, and safety scissors. Whether you want to add some extra pleasure or pain to your fantasies, this kit has everything you need to get started.

Sportsheets Learn the Ropes Kit Features

  • Faux leather reversible blindfolds
  • Finger flogger
  • Silky smooth rope
  • Matte black scissor

In The Box: Blindfold, Total Length: 23″ (58.4 cm) Mask Width: 3″ (7.6 cm) Mask Length: 9.5″ (17.8 cm), Fingerflogger, Total Length: 20″ (50.8 cm) Falls Length: 12.5″ (7.6 cm), Rope, Length: 6″ (1.8 m), Scissors, Total Length: 7″ (53.3 cm)

Materials: 100% – 45% polyester, 40% polyurethane, 15% elastic, 95% phthalate free polyurethane, 95% – 5% nickel free metal, 5% polypropylene

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Len Briggs

Very nice

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