OxBalls Gripper Nip-Sucker

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Introducing the OxBalls Gripper Nip-Sucker, inspired by traditional "snake bite" nipple suckers, crafted from our new strong and stretchy FLEXtpr material. Experience an irresistible sucking sensation that enhances nipple sensitivity with each use. The convenient handle atop each sucker allows for tugging or adding weights, taking your nip-play to exhilarating heights.

With the OxBalls Gripper Nip-Sucker, create a vacuum seal that stimulates for bigger, more sensitive nipples over time. Our signature FLEXtpr is soft and rubbery to the touch, while providing firm sucking power. At OxBalls, we have a deep passion for tantalizing meaty nips straining in a stud's shirt. If you crave attention for your nipples, this toy is tailor-made for you.

OxBalls Gripper Nip-Sucker Features:

  • Experience intense sucking with traditional "snake bite" nipple sucker design
  • Made from strong and stretchy FLEXtpr material for enhanced pleasure
  • Regular use increases nipple sensitivity and takes nip-play to new levels
  • Convenient handle for tugging or adding weights, customizing your experience
  • Specifically designed for satisfying hungry hog teats and meaty nipples
  • Soft and rubbery yet firm enough for serious nipple plumpin' and pullin'
  • Macho faux diamond plate detailing adds a rugged and attractive touch
  • Easy application process for a delightfully naughty nursin' sensation
  • Clear color options available to observe the swelling in real time
  • Optimize suction with old-school waxy chapstick, Ox's top recommendation

Designed solely for hungry hog teats, these suckers are expertly crafted with macho faux diamond plate detailing, reflecting our commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. Apply them easily by wetting the bottom (we suggest spit), squeezing out air, and sticking them on your tits for a delightfully nasty nursin' sensation.

For the real nipple connoisseurs, we offer clear colors, allowing you to witness the swellin' man udders in real time. To enhance the vacuum suction, our resident nipple pig, Ox, recommends greasing the opening with old-school waxy chapstick for even more effective tit pumping.

Unleash the full potential of your nipple play with the OxBalls Gripper Nip-Sucker and elevate your pleasure to an entirely new level. Indulge in the details that make a difference, and embrace the thrilling sensations this toy has to offer.

Size/Dimensions: Length 2", Inner Circumference 2.25", Outer Circumference 3.5", Weight 1.1 oz

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