Aneros Vice 2 Remote Prostate Massager

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The Aneros Vice 2 Remote Prostate Massager will take your orgasms to the next level in vibrating prostate pleasure for men. Every curve and contour of the VICE 2 has been anatomically designed to perform with the shape of your body. Vice 2 works with your body by using a larger profile for deeper, fuller sensations. VICE 2’s dual motors, 18 expertly tuned vibration patterns and 4 speed selections, produce an astounding 72 customizable sensory experiences, ranging from the seductively subtle to the exquisitely intense. This toy is the key for those who are looking to achieve a hands free orgasm.

Aneros Vice 2 Features:

  • 18 Intense vibration
  • 4 Speed selection
  • 2 Powerful motor
  • Remote controlled
  • Larger profile for deeper, fuller sensation
  • Insertable length 4.25 inches

The intuitive Joy Button puts on demand vibration at your fingertips. This is prefect for providing that extra push over the edge, just when you need it in the moment or for tapping out your own special patterns to your liking. The remote’s ergonomic layout allows effortless single-handed pattern navigation and includes an LED pattern number display so while your in the throes of passion you can still control what is most important.

Product Specs: Tip width 1.30 inches, Mid-Ridge width 1.30 inches, Stem to perineum distance 1.68 inches

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    Its pretty good. Discrete and not too obtrusive so you can do many activities while its in. Remote and toy both have a recharging battery, 2 year warranty on the toy from manufacturer too.

    I recommend doing daily kegels and doing kegels while using this toy.

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