Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss was founded in 2011 by best-friends Julia Margo and Adam Lewis in London. Their debut product - the "Guybrator" - a Darth Vader-style vibro helmet for penises - sold out in their first six months by word of mouth alone! 

Hot Octopuss prides themselves in their original and creative concept toy design by directly facing the adversity of traditional sex toys, their stigmas and usage. The Hot Octopuss line of sex toys boast sleek, innovative design and cutting-edge new ways of bringing pleasure to every type of body. The Hot Octopuss Manifesto clearly states that they believe that pleasure is a fundamental human right for everyone, so they reinvented the wheel, employed some serious science, and created a collection of toys that aim to satisfy everyone's needs in exciting new ways. So whether you're cis, trans, non-binary, have limited ability or are older: You'll find a Hot Octopuss toy on XOXTOYS - Sex Toys Canada today!
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Mystery Box

Step out of your comfort zone with exclusively curated erotic items from XOXTOYS. Give yourself permission to try a bit of everything- something tame, something kinky, and something safe. A Mystery Box from XOXTOYS makes for an exciting birthday present or a fun couple’s challenge.