About XOX Cash - Our Rewards Program!

XOXTOYS is proud to present: XOX Cash

A fun, interactive way to earn free toys. Super simple, and surprisingly easy.

just reach out to us at info@xoxtoys.ca for more information!

Ways to earn
  • Signup 100 XOX Cash
  • Place an order 1 XOX Buck for every $1 spent
  • Follow on Twitter 50 XOX Cash
  • Share on Twitter 100 XOX Cash
  • Follow on Instagram 100 XOX Cash
  • Share on Facebook 100 XOX Cash
  • Celebrate a birthday 200 XOX Cash
Ways to redeem
  • $5 off coupon 100 XOX Cash
  • $10 off coupon 175 XOX Cash
  • $25 off coupon 375 XOX Cash
  • $100 off coupon 1250 XOX Cash

Refer A Friend, earn Quick Cash!

This is where it gets good. Point blank - You refer a friend, they get $5.00 Cash for XOXTOYS and so do you! What easier way to get a deal on literally any item on XOXTOYS!

Fequenly Asked Questions:
  • Q: Can I invite more than one friend? A: Of course, and your cash adds up in the backend!
  • Q: Why isn’t my XOX Cash App loading? A: You need to sign in first. Try reloading the app, making sure you sign in, then send your invite code via email.
  • Q: Will I lose my XOX Cash after a certian amount of time? A: Nope! You’re free to keep earning more XOX Cash until you’re ready to make your big purchase ;)


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